art Benbulben is omnipresent in the area to the north of Sligo. Little cottages line the southern slope. The northern slope is much more rugged with an active turf bog near the top. I would like to spend more time at the top looking around for there must be some antiquities up there. The point seems to have it own little weather system. One day I watched a small round dark cloud with lightening right at the tip. Visually it reminded me of a soccer ball being kicked by a shoe.

Music: The Donegal Jig


Benbulben looms large in the landscape of Sligo
In the rear view mirror it follows you wherever you go
It overlooks the grave of W. B. Yeats, the poet
Upon the stone is an intriguing verse, but of course, you know it
In Benbulben’s shadow resides a country pub of delightful charms
You will find it thatched and isolated amongst the many farms
Here we spent an evening of refreshments, music and dance
Traveling through the black night, we came upon it quite by chance

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