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Book Review for April 12, 2008

By Jim Regan

Lately, I have taken on a new path of indulging in the works of authors who not only can write effectively, but back up their words with the art of painting. Recently, my son, Rich, gave me a book named Paintings and Poems of Ireland by Phillip Terry (2006). He and his wife met Terry while staying in a bed and breakfast on the Mendocino coast. Over a glass of wine, they soon learned of Phillip Terry’s passion for painting and writing about the Emerald Isle. Knowing my affection for Ireland and its people, Rich knew that I would enjoy Terry’s book. After all, aren’t all Irishmen alike? The book became a jump-start to my every-day reading schedule. Like most new books, I first check out the cover, both front and back, and then read the Introduction as a prelude to getting into the story. After realizing how the book’s content evolved and how it was laid out with original paintings accompanied with a poem about the scene shown on each page, I began a whole new adventure in literature. Over the years as Terry journeyed throughout Ireland, he soon realized that his camera and corresponding paintings did not capture the sounds and history of each of his subjects. So, he combined his pen with his brush and explicated the beauty and background of each setting. On page one I started out looking at the two paintings entitled
“Wild Ireland” and read Terry’s interpretation of the two scenes:

In a mystic land called Ireland
Wild skies and dark green eyes
Wet sand and wind swept land
Beer darkly brewed and clouds multi-hued
The Emerald Isle and the sweet shy smile
The bright red hair and the county fair
The wandering sheep and dark night sleep

I turned to the next painting and poem, Across Lough Corrib, and then on to the next. My attempts to digest the visual with the written word came to a halt! I could not continue reading my usual way as if each page depended on its predecessor. These were stand-alone experiences and consumed a story in and of itself. Like eating a rich dessert, I could only absorb so much before my “cup runneth over.” So, rather than relying on an author to feed me the total content of his story, I found myself combining my visual and written senses in order to grasp the “whole picture.” This is going to be fun, I said to my wife. Each day, I pick up Terry’s book and experience a few more pages. It has given me an added dimension to my usual mode of reading. I will return to the Paintings and Poems of Ireland again and again since Terry’s works allow the reader to appreciate an open-ended-never ending story. P.S. I find that my travels through Ireland, also, have given me a leg-up in relating to the author’s selection of people, places and things - those that represent the total landscape of the Emerald Isle.

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