art Christmas Day comes once a year.
Every year is different but special.
This year I took special care to be prepared.
The grandchildren were too wonderful, both the older
boys, sophisticated and debonair and the three little
girls - so delightful. The whole day was a joy.
Just to make sure, Grandpa had a Master Plan.

Music: The Old Rambler

Christmas Day

It is a glorious morning this Christmas Day
My present has been unwrapped, the wrappings thrown away
They said, “You are too old for toys old man”
They know nothing about Grandpa’s master plan

My home will soon be filled, with grandchildren, girls and boys
My plan is to play with their brand new toys
For Christmas, I buy them toys I like
I got one a basketball, another a shiny new bike

An older child a game of monopoly
I can teach them all about the economy
They will need that card, “Get out of jail free”
When they play this game with me

Soon I will be down there on the floor
Having my share of the fun and more
The master plan is simply to play
With children most of today

If nothing else, I can remember my childhood toys
Such memories are full of half-forgotten joys
A cowboy set - by Gene Autry
My favorite toy of memory

My mother bought me an erector set
My father promptly made me a bet
My father looked at the box and said, “Good luck”
If you can build that, I’ll give you a buck

He helped me, that’s where I got my master plan
I got the buck and the idea from my old man
Simply to play with them
From the child in me, to honor Him
(Editors note: Forgive me, I would never refer to my father as my old man – but it seemed to fit so well.)

Philip A Terry
Copyright 12/25/2011

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