art Christmas Eve is solemn.
Patricia and I usually spend the night alone
discussing the next day and the details for the meal
she will prepare. When the children were young,
there was a mad dash to Chinese Kitchen for Chinese
Food. Santa always seem to come while we were gone
even if we all went. I can remember staring through
the steamed-up window watching them cook our
Christmas Evening dinner. We would rush home and
the packages were all around the tree - the rule was eat first.
The Chinese Kitchen closed and the new the local Chinese take out
is closed from before Christmas until after New Years.
It is Hard to keep up the traditions now that the children have
grown. We usually heat up some frozen pot stickers to remember
the good times.

Music: The Old Rambler

Christmas Eve

Dozens of tiny little Elves
Spent the night restocking the shelves
At a nearby department store
Last chance to get out and buy some more

No bigger than an inch
They worked all night
To ward off the evil Grinch
Making your Christmas bright

Ill buy a gift for you
And a gift for me
It is the least we can do
To help the economy

Come on mom
Come on pop
Get out there
And shop, shop, shop

Merry Christmas!

Philip A Terry
Copyright 12/24/2011

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