art We stayed at the Stella Maris B&B and it was delightful. The rain was nearly constant but if you look at the web site and notice the second floor window in the rear on the right you can see where we sat and painted. It looked out on the Minaum Cliffs. The old Joke that it only rained twice from Sunday to Wednesday and from Wednesday evening to Saurday when we left is probably an over statement. It did rain but there were also beautiful days spent at Keem Bay and the Deserted village and almost everywhere on Achill. We truly enjoyed our stay here.

We came to the Island to trace the steps of Paul Henry, an artist who worked on the Achill for nine years where he made his fame. Take a look at his work - it is wonderful.

In the poem below I mention the nurses from the Hospital of Castlebar having their annual party. What I didn't mention was that they were dancing with a couple of priests who were apparently in top shape. I think I was younger then the priests but I couldn't keep up at all.

Music: The Old Rambler

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