art The road runs by Dungaire Castle on the way to Kinvara. Out in Galway Bay, you will now and then see a Galway Hooker with the traditional red sails. These old boats were used to carry goods along the coasts of Ireland. Some of the goods were said to have been smuggled in from as far away as France and Spain. In fact one of the places in Kinvara is supposed to have had a secret tunnel through which the goods were brought ashore and stored.
In recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in these old boats and occasionally you will come across a race. The color of their sails, sets off the surrounding blues and greens.
We saw several under sail near Kinvara.

Music: The Old Rambler

Dungaire near Kinvara

Across from Kinvara, on most nights
Dungaire is lit by several lights
One of Ireland's many lovely sights

We ate at Pier Head there by the bay
Afterwards we went to Winkles up the way
A band was warming up for a gig the next day

Young people sat with instruments waiting to join in
One little girl could really play her violin
Soon the place was full of people dancin'

Late that night we left the pub for our B&B
Out our bedroom window guess what we could see?
Dungaire, all lit up, it seemed lovely to me

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