art February 20 2009 - As my body tries to repair itself I am forced to consider the aftermath of my foolishness. If I enjoyed pain which I do not - this would be extreme. Nevertheless the memory of this experience will be with me for a long time. I don't believe I will ever forget this pain. Since I don't want to show you a photo of the injury I have pulled out an abstract painting I did years ago titled "Across the Irish Sea". It represents the pain in Ireland not seen nor felt from across the Irish Sea.

Further Thoughts on Pain

Sitting here listening to the rain
Feeling the throbbing pain
Besides that Iím feeling the cold
Is it just that Iím getting old?

I donít believe thatís so
Yet the hot flashes come and go
As the doctor said
Donít die in that bed

Rise up, chase a butterfly
Notice how effortlessly it can fly
You can not fly remember that
If you try you will go splat

There is no standard of misery
To gage the pain of injury
Individuals inflicted similarly
Will react differently

There is no common measure
Of pain or pleasure
We can only profess to care
For pain we do not share


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