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Music: The Old Rambler

Gannet at Keem Bay, Achill

We sat on the beach for a while and then went up on the hill near where Captain Boycott's house was located near Keem Bay. We watched the Gannet flying overhead and back and forth across the small bay. It would dive for fish and once through the binoculars I saw its left wing down, slice through the top of a wave. I had never seen anything like that before or since.

Two German hikers came down from the top of the mountain in long strides in their short hiking shorts and told us we should climb to the top to see the views. Looking back on it now, we should have, but at the time we were huddled against the side of a stone wall (part of a booly I believe) trying to keep warm. I painted
Keem Bay from up above the beach near the parking area.

The road across the island and up and down to the bay was littered with sheep hanging over the edge to get that tiny bit of grass that grew just out of reach. This was the first time I saw sheep with green markings. It looked as though at any second, any number of them could fall to the ocean below. Later we read that two farmers somewhere else in Ireland had lost their footing and perished while trying to save some sheep that became stranded on a little ledge and couldn't get back. You could see it here, as they went after those little patches of grass beyond what my mind could conceive. I kept asking my wife "How did that sheep get there? Amazing!"

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