art We have stopped in Gort many times on our way to Galway or Donegal. The village seems to be located at the point where we need a break or food. The first time we stopped here we walked into a live cattle auction that became a highlight of the trip. Sadly the cattle auction is located somewhere else now. So far we haven't discovered where and it may not be the same as that first time. It was an old building and it appears as though they've torn it down. That old building added a lot of character.

O'Connor's was a favorite place for a cup of tea or coffee and a scone or sandwich. If you want to have a big lunch there is a restaurant around the corner where the locals eat. We couldn't eat all that they served us, but it was good. It was crowded the day we ate there.

We also wandered down a little lane with houses from an era long ago on one side and Michael Kennedy's pottery shop across the way, which we enjoyed.
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Coole Park is just north of the village and is worth a visit. This was the home (destroyed by fire) of Lady Gregory and stomping grounds of many famous Irish writers and poets including W.B. Yeats. Many left their initials on Coole Park's famous Autograph tree.
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Music: The Old Rambler

O'Connors at Gort

  • Michael Kennedy's pottery shop

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