art Hear the Chant is a reflection on the nature of things and how all of us are a part of a bigger picture.

You plant your favorite vegetables and you wait until they reach the zenith of perfection. You savor the flavor of the home grown tomatoes. If you are lucky you can have fifty years of your own home grown tomatoes and maybe a few more if you are one of the very lucky ones.

The night spent admiring the stars, trying to identify the constellations or even a specific star will definitely put you in your place.

Try counting the stars on a clear night and when you give up remember many others have spent their time doing likewise without much more luck. Those who claim to have a number have only estimated and it is really not the same.

We are all a product of nature or maybe not quite.

The photograph is of a recent full moon, not quite in focus. The moon is a prime example of something in nature beyond our control. It has an effect on many things on earth and we may not even know of it without the sense of sight. If the moon existed but did not reflect the sun it would be known mathematically at least to a few of us. The rest of us would have to accept it on faith.

Hear the Chant

The wind is up tonight
But the stars are bright
Tomorrow will be clear

The tomatoes wait to be planted
If my wish is granted
This crop will be dear

The carrots are growing as are the peas
The wine from last year's grapes is on its lees
I've worked hard so I don't fear

As I age I slowly continue to mature
I am like the tomatoes a product of nature
A chant that I can almost hear


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