art I noted with amusement that the horse and sheep had their own pasture.
The two pastures were separated by a hedgerow. Hedgerows are not there
by accident. I was curious to read an article that went into some depth
about the usefulness of hedgerows. It was also bemoaning the fact that
many were being destroyed by new developments. The hedgerows provide
homes for many plants, small animals and birds and their loss would be felt by all.
It was a convincing argument and I am not doing it justice with these meager comments.

Music: Maio

Two Fields separated by a Hedgerow

The fields in Ireland are serene
Those away from the road are rarely seen

We wandered through several fields and came to a hedgerow
Beyond which we could not go

Rocks, dirt and plants of all sorts, blocked our advance
Jumping a tricklet of a stream, we didn't want to chance

Hedgerows are full of living beauty
Look closely, it is all there to see

We journeyed back across the fields to our car
We marvel sometimes at where we are.

Click here for a website dedicated to Hedgerows in Donegal

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