art We have all had those moments when we need something.
A book to read, a kind word or a Joyous smile.
Sometimes it is something as simple as a warm spot and a nap.

Music: The Old Rambler

In Need

The wind is whistling outside
The fire crackling inside
A growing urge to sit and read
Actually it is more of a need

For a while I’ve been trying
To read a book by Edna O’Brien
The words are soothing and easily flow
Soon, the words or the fire produce a warm glow

“Mother Ireland” is the name of the book
Sitting on my shelf it begged a serious look
It is full of wisdom and wit
Sadly, I can not just sit

My eyes are drawn to the dancing flame
Then to the rain beyond the window frame
With a favored book open in my lap
It is a day for a long winter’s nap

Copyright 3/18/2011

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