art Together we sat in our rented vehicle and painted Inch Island across the the small bay.
We were near the end of the road not far out of Ramelton. We had been to Buncrana the
previous day and recognised the island. The windows were down and the birds were chirping
in the trees and bushes. The wind was making an otherwise warm day cool and we were wishing
we had brought a picnic lunch.

Music: The Wearin' Of The Green


Inch Island

In Donegal there is an island named Inch
In fact in Ireland there are several areas named Inch
Looking for a place to paint we found a place to park the car
The view of Inch in summer colors was good as it was not very far
We sat there and painted listening to the birds in the trees
Although warm under the trees we were cooled by a breeze
I struggled to get just the right shade of green
I wanted the painting to reflect what I’d seen

INCH, an island, and an ecclesiastical district, in the barony of ENNISHOWEN, county of DONEGAL, and province of ULSTER,
9 miles (N. W.).from Londonderry is situated in Lough Swilly.

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