art Keem Bay Salmon tries to capture the magic of a small bay at the edge of the Irish world, the Island of Achill. When we first spotted the curraugh sitting on the sand we thought it to be a tourist prop to enhance the picturesque scenery. So you can imagine our surprise when two fishermen proceeded to use the craft to go and harvest their catch of “Wild” Irish salmon of Keem Bay. The quotes are found on restaurant menus on the island.

Turn up your sound and I'll read the poem to you!

Music: The Old Rambler
Music: The Cliffs of Doneen

Keem Bay Salmon

There is “fresh” salmon today
“Wild” Irish Salmon, from Keem Bay
Two fishermen, emerged from a small cement hut
Opening a door, I thought, forever shut
Yellow slickered they were, from head to foot
They placed gently on the waves, a curraugh as dark as soot
The square oars, took them steadily, far out to their nets
As they lifted them from the water, you could almost hear their bets

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