art How many times have you been with friends, the time comes to a close and you would rather continue although you know that can't happen for one reason or another? It happens too often but how else could it be. The stories have been exhausted, sleep will over-take you or if drinking it gets sillier until consciousness is lost or worse. I am not sure, but perhaps there is a happiness quotient that can't be exceeded or the happiness is lost. You can tell when the moment has come and you would often prefer to stop before that moment is realized. Your face typically hurts from laughter or smile and it becomes quiet as you search through your mind for one more story, one more anecdote, one more memory. Often this moment can be extended artificially by a creative mind or better yet two or more creative minds feeding off each other, but not indefinitely. You realize the other person has no more to say as well. A good conversationalist would have ended it before this moment to avoid the awkwardness and leave you wanting more.

It is like having too much desert. You know when the time has come. Given enough time it can be repeated again - some time in the future.

Leftover Laughter

The evening was slowly coming to an end
We spent the time with a very old friend
Familiar stories were told and retold
Some of the stories were older than old

By todayís standards they were mild
Like getting caught smoking as a child
And the awkwardness of that very first kiss
Where did you put your hands, like this or like this

Some stories were not so funny but it didnít matter
We had plenty of available laughter
Why did we so seldom get together
When we had so much leftover laughter


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