art Lough Corrib is a well-used lake. When we were there not much activity was seen but you could see evidence that in the warmer months fishermen and all different types of water activities took place here. Sometimes when you travel in the off-season you come away with impressions that are only partial at best. It was very peaceful and perhaps it is best that I remember it that way.

Music: The Wearin' Of The Green

Lough Corrib

Lough Corrib along its southern shore is a glorious place for a long and leisurely walk.
We walked there for hours discovering several sites with old tumbled down cottages. The views
across the lake were spectacular as the clouds and light reflected from the lough constantly changing.
Were passed by several German hikers in those leather pants you see in the movies. I am sorry but I had
never actually seen them being worn. They said they were very comfortable.
The proprietor of the house where we were staying said it wasn't safe among the old ruins
because they were left over from a mining operation and there were numerous old shafts about.

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