art This painting of Mount Tamalpais was during the evening. The fog hung on the shoulders of the mountain and it promised to be a cool night.

Music: Dreams of Alwyn
(Isle of Innisfree)

Mount Tamalpais at Evening

The fog just hung there
You could feel the chill in the air

The sun was already gone
And wouldn't be back before the dawn

The sky looked brooding and cold
The mountain looked particularly old

It is time to venture indoors
As I am finished with my chores

Time to read for a little while
Before I fall asleep with pleasant thoughts and a happy smile

Each night the little prayer I say
Is "Bless me with another just like today"

I dream in color and they come on fast
Before I am ready the night has passed

I greet the morning just as I went to bed
I smile, open my eyes and clear my head

It is time to get up and enjoy the day
I wouldn't have it any other way

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