art This painting of Mount Tamalpais was from a view of the mountan while coming across the Richmond San Rafael Bridge. It was jury selected and hung in the Marin County Fair, 1994. It was the first and last time I entered a painting in the fair. Someone said beginner's luck. It hangs on my living room wall.

Music: Dreams of Alwyn
(Isle of Innisfree)

Mount Tamalpais

It was a cold day
Most of the landscape was gray

But the water was bright
As if lit by a mysterious light

The mountain itself was very dark
It is all part of a national park

I have heard that the Indians said
You could see a sleeping woman resting her head

There is a beautiful view from the peak
A view that many people seek

Every summer they stage the mountain play
Not far is a camp where campers stay

People come for walks and hikes
Many of the trails allow mountain bikes

You can rent a room at the Mountain Inn
You have to carry your stuff and hike in

Keep an eye out for mountain lions and rattle snakes
But also for beautiful views and hidden lakes

On the other side is the Pacific Ocean view
Often the color is a soothing pale blue

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