art Enduring a winter storm is a part of living.
Some storms are special in that they keep you awake.
I don't know if it is out of respect for the power
of nature or instinctual fear. Perhaps it is a form
of excitement cause by the energy in the air. All I
know is there are a lot of moments filled with thoughts
during a really good storm. Some of the thoughts are not good.

Music: The Old Rambler


Mercy - it is five a.m. just before the dawn
All night the wind and rain has gone on and on
I tried to count the raindrops like the proverbial sheep
But it didnít produce the peaceful sleep

Should I stay awake to see the sun - at least
To greet it rising gloriously in the East
Optimist that I am - I just might
No sleep anyway on this wild and windy night

Copyright 3/20/2011

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