art We listened to the radio or played a vinyl record either
a 45 or a 78 rpm. Now it is an IPod or some such device.
We danced the bop, the monkey, the mashed potato, the chicken,
the twist, the frug, the stroll and many other steps.
Everyone knew the steps and the competition was on the
dance floor. There was a new record and a new dance every
few weeks. We all watched American Bandstand with Dick Clark
and we practiced. I know that the older generations canít stand
or understand the current generationís music. It may not be true
in reverse Ė I love the Big Band sounds. What I want to
know is if the current generation will have Musical Memories
like mine. I can still feel the pleasure of In The Still of The Night
or Little Darling. Of course the Beatles changed that forever.

Music: The Old Rambler

Musical Memories

Music of the past is such a blast
My thoughts are private but you are in the mix
Momentary - they do not last
Thoughts of clouds, rivers, rocks and sticks

Thoughts that go back to 1963
Moments remembered singularly
Listening now to a 1960ís song
It goes on much too long

Doo Wop rhythm with a killer beat
Memories of those moments - terribly sweet
Great songs stuck in my memory
Some moments remembered happily

I am reminded too of things that will not be
And some things I will never see
Bluegrass on another channel reminds me of you
Thatís how it is - no matter what I listen to

Copyright 3/9/2011

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