art My Favorite Toy was a result of thinking back over the many Christmas celebrations I've had and trying to remember the toys that brought me pleasure. Truthfully I could only remember a few toys from long ago. I remember specifically the night Santa appeared in my Grandmother's sitting room and dumped out a sack of toys on the floor. Among the gifts was a Hubley 12 inch Cowboy guns and holster set. The holster had red bullets held to the back with a leather strap. What a gift! I still remember the smell of real genuine cowhide leather. The holsters had tie down straps for a quick draw. Then of course there was my first set of wheels - my trike!

Music: The Frost Is All Over

My Favorite Toy

It is that time of year when I remember my favorite toys
The ones that have brought me many wonderful joys
Long ago when I was a little boy
I discovered a marvelous toy

I could play with it alone
Or share it with another
Soft and spongy or hard as a stone
It was brightest when shared with my mother

It provides more joy the more it was played with
Like the feeling of rehearing a familiar story or myth
At the end of each day it is with a bit of sorrow
That I carefully put it away until tomorrow

We all have our own favorite toy
May yours bring you as much joy

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