art We are surrounded by things. Some belong to us but most things are just out there to see and touch. I am reminded often that you can't take them with you although the Egyptian's tomb were like my garage - full of all kinds of things I might some day need. Perhaps they will let me bury my garage with me. I've read where some people use their car as a coffin. I don't mean to dwell on these issues for there are many others worth this space.

For example what do you do with your things? Older people, and I am quickly getting there, tell me you have to declutter, give away stuff and simplify your life. I can understand the concept but I don't think I am quite there yet. I would like instead to handle the objects I have collected over the last 60 plus years and have someone with which to share the memories of each item; where I got it, why I've kept it and what does it mean to me.

Maybe then I could give it away to a good home, someone who would enjoy it as much as I do. I already know that this probably won't happen soon but I also don't see that moment when an item is torn from my clutched hand either. People always say things don't matter and I agree but it is the stories about things that brighten my day.

My Things

I've got my things
Not jewels or golden rings
An old jack knife my dad left me
A Japanese Garden's receipt where we drank tea

I share my things
For the pleasure it brings
I've a mechanical bird in a cage that sings
An old toy car with paint chips and dings

My favorite things are memories
I enjoy the sharing of these
Especially on long walks
With someone who listens and talks

Things don't really matter
What are we really after
Time spent together
Will make all things better


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