art Natures Display

Winter brings out some of Natures
most brilliant moments. We donít often
look at some of the remarkable views
that winter provides. Examples include
the sunsets and sunrises with spectacular
color in the sun and the clouds. Winter
brings snow to many parts of the world
which when observed falling gently can
almost be like praying.
I have watched quarter sized flakes drifting
gently on a still night in Yosemite.
It reminded me of being in a church with out
walls. Of course, snow can come
in many forms and with tremendous fury.
That is why the Eskimos have so many words
for snow. Fresh snow without tracks is beautiful
and quiet. In warmer climates roses bloom and
an assortment of berries appear giving the
landscape a festive appearance. Even the rain
can be beautiful. The trees grey and leafless
can be seen as the beginning of the next cycle.
It is there to observe and enjoy.

Music: The Old Rambler

Natures Display

At this time of year, the earthís changes are on display
I painted this image from across a playing field one day

Grass in bright sunlight, a glorious and luminous green
Against a dark cloud-shaded mountain, as pretty as Iíve seen

Orange, gold and red were the color of the leaves
Making a necklace of gem-stones from the trees

Philip A Terry
Copyright 11/24/2011

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