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Looking at old photos I often am reminded just how limited
our time is here. This is a rare photo of me with my grandfather
William Jerome MC CULLOUGH who was born October 2, 1881
in Vail, Crawford County, Iowa and died February 1948 in Sioux City, Iowa.
He married Elisabeth O'CONNOR. She was born July 30, 1892 in
Sioux City, Iowa and died October 1943 in Sioux City, Iowa.

The photos depict another time that seems strange to us when we
examine the life styles closely. For example wearing a hat was considered
stylish at the time even on a picnic. It would be wonderful to look at these
photos with my grandfather and have him ask me about today’s styles. Can you
imagine his confusion with the style of teenagers today and their low slung
pants. It would not be fair to even ask him to comprehend.
I would want to know about the tie and the suspenders on a picnic too.

Going back in time takes a special effort that eludes most people.
There is a lot to it. You have to know the contemporary events of the
day. I believe this is 1945 or maybe 1946. World War II may have been over
and the depression would have been over for many but not all. At 60 years
of age I imagine it would have been difficult for him to have found work.
I have no memory of any visual or verbal memory of "Grandpa Mac". I also have
only one visual memory of my grandmother which is hardly possible since I was
only 6 months old when she died. Old photos can be difficult.

Music: The Old Rambler

Old Photos

Expressing one’s feelings is definitely an art
I do not know even where to start
I am just an old softy at heart

When looking at old photos no matter how hard I try
When describing my feelings, words to are hard to come by
Often without warning, I begin to cry

Crying in general, is really not my style
Occasionally though, a photo will make me smile
I think I will put those in a separate file

It makes me smile to see
In these old photos of me
Just how young I used to be

Philip A Terry
Copyright 01/09/2012

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