art Wicklow is south along the coast from Dublin. The fishermen and sailboats
share a tiny harbor in this seaside village. Quite lively in the summer months we
came all the way from Donegal to deliver a bottle of wine to a business associate of
my son's wife. Unable to locate our B&B we flagged down a car and asked if they could
use their cell to phone the B&B to get directions. Less than a hundred yards away a man
waved at us from his porch while speaking on his cell. That is how close we were and
hopelessly lost. We all had a good laugh over that.
The next day we ate at the Forge and I sketched this little reminder of our stay in Wicklow.
If you get the chance it is a nice place to go.

Music: The Rose of Mooncoin

Lunch At The Forge

We ate at the Old Forge in Wicklow
It is the kind of place where the lights are low

It was rustic and well appointed
With Guinness we were well anointed

We enjoyed the atmosphere and the food
We left satiated and in a good mood

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