art Every year when I think about my friends it is
inevitable that a few are gone. I try to recreate in my
mind some of the moments we have shared. Some
are vivid and some are vague. I also try to remember
the new people I have met during the year whether a
a friend or just an acquaintance. As the years tumble by
there are fewer and fewer new friends and more that are gone.

Music: The Old Rambler

People I have Known

As we came to the end of the year
I was thinking just how dear
Are the people I have known
And the friendships that have grown
It is a sad thing to say
But some have slipped away
Like seeds in the wind are blown
To land elsewhere to be sown
That is the way my year ends
Contemplating the loss and gaining of friends

Copyright 1/4/2012
Philip A Terry

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