art Poland Krakow Linnen Market Square

Music: Skibbereen

Poland Krakow Linnen Market Square

We had heard the Czartoryski Museum in the old town of Krakow had a very famous painting by Michelangelo. After much searching we finally found the museum on the corner.

We entered and couldn’t see any signs pointing to a painting by Michelangelo. Looking around we saw this matronly woman sitting on a chair by the stairs. She had no uniform or tags that would identify her as being a museum employee.

In fact dressed in a blouse, skirt and sweater she looked like someone’s grandmother that was taking a break. Not sure, we asked in English where we could find the Michelangelo painting. Without hesitation or a word she pointed up the stairs. The woman was dressed nicely and I don't want to denegrate her in any way, it was just not what an American would expect and thus took us by surprise. A wonderful suprise actually when you think about it. It provides a job for an older woman.

On the second floor a few tourists were looking at paintings but nothing indicating a special painting. Nothing indicating a painting as special as one by Michelangelo.

Eventually we found a stairwell with another matronly woman sitting in a chair – again someone’s grandmother. We asked again about Michelangelo’s painting and again no sound, merely a gesture up the stairs. By the third floor we knew the routine and sought out the grandmotherly woman sitting by the stairs, received our gesture and climbed the stairs. At the top of the stairs the grandmother was there sitting, waiting and again the question and the gesture - down the hall to the right.

Finally anxious to see the Michelangelo we hurried down the hall and were presented with a large room with a bench about six feet back from the far wall. What a wonderful surprise awaited us in that special room. We were pleased but laughed at all the gesturing and wondered what the matronly women must have thought at the tourists seeking a Michelangelo painting for there hung Leonardo da Vinci’s, Lady with an Ermine 1483-1490, Oil on wood. A very famous and beautiful painting in its own right but not the Michelangelo we were expecting. I can’t say that we were disappointed. We laugh about it still.

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