art The House at Sandomil

Music: Patchouli

The House at Sandomil

The house at Sandomil sat across and adjacent to the stream behind a wall purported to be of Roman origin. The domestic architecture is different here and I am not sure what the reasoning is behind the way some of the houses are constructed. I did not get much of a chance to look inside any of the houses except a few rooms at the Quinta. These were of ample size and perhaps a bit under furnished by my standards. They were not sparse but were in fact big enough that when all of the normal furniture was placed about it still seemed as though there was something missing. Of course I am staying in a rented room and there is no way that room is going to be furnished in any manner other than to support its function. I know this and yet when we entered other rooms that were shared with the resident landlord it felt the same. I have yet to draw any conclusions merely making observations. This house was similar to many in that it was built high up off the ground. Perhaps it was due to the proximity of the water but I noticed the same sort of architecture on top of a ridge. Many of the houses had porches up one level with stairs to reach the porch and the main entry door at the top of the stairs. The ground floor was eight to ten feet in height indicating the full use of the ground floor. Notice the tile roof (I think I would like a red tile roof) and the high grape vines at the edge of the property. We were sitting in the shade of some rather nice old trees across the stream admiring this house and it little nuances when a woman appeared from the other side of the wall with a basket of clothes and began to wash the clothes in the stream. It wasn't clear to me how she got through or over that wall. I meant to watch when she was done to see just how she managed that trick. Unfortunately my eye wandered off to catch the flight of a European Jay which was extremely loud. When I looked back a few minutes later she had gone as quickly and as mysteriously as she had appeared. Thinking about it now, perhaps there was a separation in the wall that did not show from the front angle. I wished I knew for sure. It was a beautiful place.

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