art Plaza near Pousada de Guimaraes Nossa Senhora da Oliveira

Music: Milho Verde

Plaza Guimaraes

We stayed at the Pousada de Guimaraes Nossa Senhora da Oliveira which is just around the corner. The pylon slides down into the ground to let a car pass into the parking area which caught us by surprise. We were following specific instructions to get to the pousada and suddenly there was this knee high pylon jutting up from the surface of the road. After showing my reservations it slowly descended into the ground as if by magic. I was amazed. Little items like that make it interesting because we have nothing like it where I live. The sketch shows the plaza just around the corner from the Pousada, the restaurant of which has window that looks out upon it. I could almost see what was going on by sticking my head out the window of my room. All kinds of activity went on during the night. A class was being held across the passageway and we could see all the students sitting in their chairs. If the windows had been open we could have had a free lecture, albeit in Portuguese. We wandered out into the plaza at night where a multitude of activities were taking place. The older folks were walking about arm in arm, around and around while the younger set, say mid twenties, were sipping various concoctions and eating snacks of one sort or another. The smells were very attractive. The even younger set were playing one or two games of soccer. It was difficult to tell because there were several balls in play at all times. The building seem to be in play as several shots were banked off the walls and no slowdown in play was evident. Alphonso the I, is the name I remember of the King that is buried in the little structure to the left. Although his name was prominently displayed on a number of castles in the area I have yet to master all that he accomplished. I think I read that he unified Portugal and was a strong influence in the making of the present day Portugal. Forgive me - I will consult my notes and the history books to give a better presentation as to the facts. My particular pleasure was in watching all ages mingling in separate activities but in a combined space. The interaction between older couples, young adults, teenagers and pre-teens was a delight to witness and a model for us all. There were even a few toddlers out kicking the ball. The next morning found the plaza partially filled with a flea market and produce market combined. I loved the architecture that was full of surprises and in particular the little dormers that projected out near the top to give that little extra space in which to live. The spirit of the place was one of vitality!
Research from the net:
Alphonso King DE PORTUGAL I (King Of Portugal )
25 Jul 1110 - 6 Dec 1185 TITLE: King Of Portugal
BIRTH: 25 Jul 1110, Guimaraes, Portugal
DEATH: 6 Dec 1185, Coimba, Portugal

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