art What Power Mothers Have is a poem that came to me while reflecting on my aunt who is having a difficult time right now. I am aware of my cousins that are rallying around to give support. I am too far away to be of much use but I am pleased at the information that I am receiving. I reflected further on the other aunts and remember the same care and considerations that they have all received from their children.
All but one of my mother's sisters are gone now as are all of her brothers. They were all strong and caring and we, their children, cared about them too. None of them divorced their spouses - they were committed to the long haul. I can say that their individual lives were interesting and a challenge from the beginning. Reflecting on what sustained them through the depression, through the war and the separation from those who were serving in that war brings me to the conclusion that they all had an inner strength. They were not afraid of toil and hardship in fact I would say that they didn't believe in hardship per say only in hard times which they knew in their hearts they would survive. My mother and her family were as Irish as could be and it is fitting that I am thinking of her and them on St. Patrick's Day. St. Patrick himself represents strength of character. You can understand if you read about his efforts to convert the pagans in Ireland. I am wondering if there isn't some of St Patrick's belief and strength reflected in the words my mother as she passed on her beliefs to me. Happy St. Patrick's Day mom - put in a good word for me.

A photo of my mother's mother which would be the source of strength and power for my mother and her sisters and brothers. It must emanate from somewhere. Perhaps my grandfather? I never knew my grandmother and know almost nothing about her or him for that matter. This is the only photo I have of her. I only know that she raised eight children who were strong minded and caring.

What Power Mothers Have

What power mothers have over us even to this day
Iíll never forget the words she used to say

Her sweet words expressed so lovingly
I carry them forever in me

She taught me when to pray
She taught me the words to say

Now and then I cast my eyes heavenly
And pray for her soul silently


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