art Private Chapel behind the main house at Quinta de Santa Comba near Barcelos, Portugal inspired this painting. The church bells from five near-by chapels each sounded the quarter hour. Fortunately this small chapel was silenced at least during our stay.


A Private Chapel

A private chapel from the 17th Century
Services the spiritual needs of a single family
Within were ancient relics cloaked in mystery
From another time it seemed quaint to me

Private Chapel at Quinta de Santa Comba We finally found the main house at the Qunita de Santa Comba and were relaxing behind a wall that enclosed
an area central to the house. There was a long bench that ran along the wall in the shade. To the left of us
was a private chapel that had been with the house for many centuries. The owner told us later, as he showed us
the interior, that all of his ancestors had been baptized there since the 1700's. They were all recorded in a book
kept on the altar. Sitting there, taking in the view out the back of the property we were amused by several children
that were trying to convince a mule to pull a wagon they were sitting in, without any luck. We were also painting
with watercolors and sketching the surroundings. All of a sudden the gate burst open. The two men spotted us painting.
"Painting?" he guessed and when I answered “yes” he knew we were form the States. After a bit of information exchange
it turned out that I knew his brother and had attended high school with him. Small world? Is there nowhere that you can
escape to and be really far away from everyone who knows you?

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