art The Vines at the Quinta de Santa Comba


Quinta de Santa Comba Vines

The Vines at the Quinta de Santa Comba grew along the road that wandered up to the house. We walked underneath them and reaching up pulled down grapes the size of walnuts. They were dark purple and full of juice. We ate them until we felt that perhaps we weren't supposed to be eating them. A small amount of guilt set in. I am spoiled with the seedless grapes we normally eat but these were so good that I didn't mind the seeds one bit. I don't know how many we ate. The height of the vines surprised me. I had never seen grapevines that you could walk under and pick the grapes above you head. After I had seen these I started to notice them everywhere. Driving through a town later in the trip I had to stop and take a picture. Several houses in a row that fronted the street had these high vines which meant that the people in the houses had a clear view of the street while the entire front yard was circled by these very tall vines. I have been trying to train my two vines at my house but with only partial success. Of course I don't have those big juicy grapes either. Wonder what kind they are?

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