art While traveling north from Letterkenny to Derry we found the countryside to be
absolutely exquisite. We are aware of the controversy over the name of the city;
Londonderry to some and Derry to others. We found it interesting that the signs were
both Derry and Londonderry depending on the roads that you took to get there. From
Northern Ireland the signs were usually Londonderry but not always. Often these
signs had London crossed out. We found the city itself to be interesting. Although
the town seemed a bit old and brooding there were signs of vibrancy, liveliness and
many remodeling projects underway. Much cuteness and cheeriness is being added which
in a few years will create a tourist destination for reasons other than its unique history.
Of course this is just one manís opinion but the way the city is situated along the river
it could be developed into a charming tourist attraction beyond what it is today. In fairness
it should be noted that my impressions were formed under menacing and darkened skies with
intermittent and biting rain. I was favorably impressed but think how much more appreciative
I would have been on a warm and sunny day!

Music: The Old Rambler

Road to Londonderry or Derry

The multi-hued fields unfolded as we sped along
On the radio they were playing an old Irish song
The billowing white clouds were stacked in a pile
The beauty was flying by so we stopped for a while
We found Londonderry or Derry an interesting city
But the fields on the way even more pretty

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