art Spain - Alhambra was painted by a street artist working nearby.
Unfortunately not one of mine but I liked it enough to share it with you.

Music: Polo Gitano

Alhambra, Granada, Spain

I didn't have much time to paint in Spain but I saw this small painting and I bought it to remind me of the wonders of that place.
Alhambra has a unique connection to America that I would have never known without having been there. The hotel at the top also serves
as the final resting place of ISABELLA OF CASTILLE, Queen of Spain, also known as: Isabella I and Isabella the Catholic. Her husband
King Ferdinand is buried there as well.

Isabella’s marriage to Ferdinand of Aragon helped unite Spain. Isabella also presided over the notorious Inquisition, led by her
confessor Tomas de Torquemada.

Isabella financed voyages that led to the discovery of the “New World” by Columbus. Thus the connection to America.
Columbus is said to have visited Galway to find sailors and therefore may well be connected to Ireland as well.

Isabella's youngest daughter, Catherine of Aragon, was the first wife of Henry VIII of England. Isabella's daughter Joanna ("the Mad")
was the mother of Charles V, king of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor.

My summation of all this is that Isabella contributed considerably or is connected to much of the world that we know today.

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