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Avila a walled and gorgeous city

Avila is a walled and gorgeous city that contains a chapel and museum dedicated to St. Teresa of Avila.
Traveling with friends we hired a car to take us to Salamanca with a stop in Avila. Driving through the
opening in the wall the town was alive with shoppers and early morning delivery vehicles. We were
fortunate enough to find a small bakery with coffee before touring the Cathedral of Avila, which was
going through an intense refurbishing. It still provided many interesting objects of antiquity and marvels
of another time befitting a city enclosed in huge walls.

After reading the signs and information about Saint Teresa I have decided she is my favorite. Her life was
extraordinary, particularly for a woman of the church in those times! Saint Teresa was born in Avila,
Spain, March 28, 1515. She died in Alba, October 4, 1582. She must have been absolutely brilliant, or at
least that is the opinion I have now.

The sketch is from an overview where the driver stopped to show us this fantastic view. A number of
other vehicles had stopped for photos but I chose my pen and pad. I find tracing the lines on paper leaves
the image so much clearer in my mind even now.

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