art Picador

Music: Last Spring

The Picador

I know it is childish to associate feelings garnished by my upbringing with an experience from another
culture. Never-the-less I could not help seeing the Picador as some sort of bad guy. It is a solemn process
that deserves its own level of respect and for that reason attending a "bull fight" should be preceded by some
education. The bulls are very strong and as this little sketch implies they could lift the Picador and his horse
off the ground. Amazing! In one of the fights the bull succeeded in knocking the horse off his feet endangering
both the Picador and the horse. They are both well enclosed in heavy padding but that makes escape
difficult. The others circled the bull with their capes waving and the bull was distracted. It was a nervous
time for the Toreadors and me. They blindfold the horse, which on reflection is probably a good thing.
The flat brimmed hat with chinstrap no doubt has a history of its own. For an outsider there are numerous
mysteries to contemplate. God help them if they ever come across a bull that can concentrate on one object at a time.

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