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The bulls of Spain are unique to the area. They have been bred to take part in the ancient ceremony of man versus beast for thousands of years dating back to Roman times. The Iberian bull, a beautiful and awe-inspiring beast, with its unique noble bravery would, when provoked, rather die fighting than flee. As we traveled through the countryside, occasionally far off in the distance we would spot a bull very much alone in an area set aside for him.
When I was young I remember watching "Bullfights From Mexico" on a fuzzy black and white television. The commentator was humorous and could bring a sort of light sided view of the events unfolding in black and white on the small little tube we called a television. It was a special treat to now and then be treated to "Bullfights From Madrid". I know that I saw some famous Matadors at work because many of the names I hear today sound familiar. I took a Spanish language class in high school and the teacher was crazy about the bullfights and bullfighters and he had several large advertising posters tacked to the walls around the room. I saw the same type of posters tacked up in the alleys and various other places in Madrid and Seville. The camera work on early television was fairly stationary by today's standards and I don't remember many close-ups. However I developed an appreciation for the Matadors courage and grace. At times I thought the Matador was crazy to turn his back on a ton of fury and rage and sometimes I was right as the bull lunged at the Matador and often succeeded in dismantling the Matadorís air of superiority and sometimes even worse.
Sometimes in my life when faced with a grave situation, I have thought - be brave like the Matador, show no fear.

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