art Squirrels was written as I watched them scampering about my back yard jumping from tree to tree and eventually looking right at me. They are clever critters. I watched one crawl down the rope that holds the bird feeder and eat all the bird seed. Lately they have been dropping pine cone pieces everywhere. At first I didn't know where the little pieces came from but now I see whole pine cones lying about. They bring them from quite a ways away too.

This little red squirrel was sitting in my Redwood tree at the same level as my desk on the second floor. I stepped out on the deck and took this photo. I am dedicating this poem to my grand daughters.

Music: The Old Rambler


Squirrels donít fall
They run up trees
As they please
Both short and tall

They don't chatter when they feed
On both pine cones and bird seed
Now one is sitting in the tree
Looking straight at me

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