art Standing Strong was inspired by Oak trees that stand valiantly in the hills of Sonoma.
The harsh summer sun beats down on the yellow-parched earth and grasses, contrasting the
vitality of the green, shade-producing trees. Each leaf a symbol of the strength. This poem was
written especially for a special friend, the words are meaningful to me. Original
poem and painting by Philip Alan Terry August 1994.

Music: Dreams of Alwyn
(Isle of Innisfree)

Standing Strong

You can sense the majesty
Of a well grown tree
Its leaves reflect in the golden light
Its shade cool as the embolden night
Green, anecdotal to the surrounding sight
Roots spread or deep, and long
Limbs structured, supple and strong
Wind-whispered subtle-sweet song
Standing still, with incredible will
Perched on, or at the bottom of a hill
It stands in stands or it stands alone
It is quiet as a smooth gray stone
In earth parched as a bone
You can sense the majesty

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