art Stewart Arms, Ramelton

Music: The Old Rambler

Stewart Arms, Ramelton

Strolling through the village of Ramelton my friend and I stop to admire the old hotel which has seen
better times but not in quite a while. We ponder what it would take to restore it either as a the hotel it once
was or as a house. A word I have put to use in Ireland is "situation" when referring to the position of a building
on a property. It seems to me that when you travel through Ireland it is apparent that great care has gone into
situating a house or cottage a certain place to take advantage of the surrounding landscape. Often it is quite
attractive. The "situation" with regard to the Stewart Arms is that it overlooks the village from the top of the
street, the river and quay. A very desirable position for the views it would provide especially for an artist.

We move on when we decide that neither of us wants to invest the time and money into bringing the old hotel back.
We do agree that it is a good situation and an opportunity for the right person. We then begin to speculate if
someone will save it and if not, how long will it last before it crumbles. We are convinced others think like we
do, which of course is a big assumption. Perhaps no one else really cares at all.

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