art While traveling the back roads in the north of County Donegal we became sort of lost. We stopped to ask a farmer for directions to a nearby town but he only heard the first part of the question and assumed that we were asking for directions to “Temple Dean”. We decided to follow his directions to take a look f or ourselves. An hour later after many false starts we were standing in front of an old megalithic grave; a Court grave, which can be from as early as 3,500 B.C. A Court grave is divided into two basic parts: a long chamber which contained smaller compartments in which remains were deposited, and a large open-space or court at the entrance to the chamber. The court was semi-circular and marked off by large standing stones. The chamber is roofed by a stone mound, which tapers toward the back. Presumably the open court was used for rituals associated with burial.
I wanted to go back and ask why it was called Temple Dean but of course I couldn't find the farmer and the next likely person I came across had never heard of it. The site was marked with a small sign, but no further information. I suppose it was a local name given to the site.
Music: The Old Rambler

These Antiquities

For gallantry and bravery
Lost now to living memory
A thousand stones were then gently laid
Where the hero fell is where he stayed

Stones laid with solemn respect
Other times a single stone stands erect
These antiquities
Are curiosities

Ancient stones of mystery
Ancient attempts at immortality
Our minds are assailed
As yet another attempt has failed
Who is buried there
Does anyone know or care

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