art A truly marvelous archtectural remnant built by the Romans


Temple of Diana Evora, Portugal

We stayed in the Hotel Pousada dos Loios, Evora Alentejo, the main entrance can be seen to the left of the temple. In the morning when we emerged to begin our walk around the immediate neighborhood we were delighted to find such a beautiful ruin a few feet from the door. We walked around looking at the details and found a shaded bench on which we sat and soaked up the view. Note the steeple of the cathedral to the right above the red tile roofs of University of Evora buildings, or so we were told. This little sketch then is the result of those few moments. It is amazing to me that something so old could have lasted so long in an active area of a busy town. It tells you something of the people when they show such care of the antiquities in their midst.

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