art The Afternoon Sun was written while feeling the sun warm
my body and realizing that I should move to avoid the rays
of the sun. I am definitely a shade creature now. As a boy I
spent too much time in the sun and have the freckles to attest
to that foolishness. Perhaps freckles are not caused by the sun -
I'll have to check that. Sounds like a job for Google!
Music: The Old Rambler

The Afternoon Sun

The afternoon sun slanted
Under the Umbrella invading my shade
I felt like moving but recanted
I was reading, for which this area was made

It was a warm sun and caressed my skin
If I didnít move the rays would do me in
So I moved my chair to sit
In another shady bit

A small bird now loudly sings
Reminding me the sun brings
Life to all of natureís things
Sorry, to all of God's things

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