art I wrote a series of poems during a time when I was remembering my mom and growing up and away from home. They reflect my feelings that flowed over me when writing.

Music: The Frost Is All Over

The last time I saw my mother

The last time I saw my mother, she was standing in the door
Her arm raised in a gentle wave of her hand
She told me that day my ancesters were from dear old Ireland
I waved back and didnít see her any more

Thinking back now when she said goodbye
She had a small smile, I didnít see her cry
I can remember her words when she gave me that wave
She said ďHoney, be good, be careful and be brave!Ē

I didnít think then that Iíd ever look back
At her standing in the door to that tiny shack
It has been so long ago, so many years
I didnít think Iíd still be fighting back the tears

She told me to go and take the world by surprise
The Irish pride beaming from he eyes
Good-bye mother dear
Iíll see you in a day and a year

I never saw her any more
But I remember her standing in the door

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