art The Storm Last Night was written in the early morning hours when the raging storm kept me awake throughout most of the night.

Music: The Frost Is All Over

The Storm Last Night

We listened to the storm throughout the night
About two a.m. I finally turned out the light

In the early morning it was really coming down
I began to worry about flash flooding in the town

The wind was driving the pounding rain
Changing pressure caused a quivering window pane

Winds kept shifting and gusting but were heaviest from the West
The tension was such that one really couldnít rest

A roof and walls are all that separate me from the wet and wild
Inside with the fire roaring the mood was somewhat mild

Night lifted gradually a few shades to somber grey
There is no promise of anything brighter for the remainder of the day

The winds increase significantly and suddenly without warning the power is out
The weather changes many lives when it packs this kind of clout

After a brief search we find a portable radio
Flipping through the channels we find a 24 hour weather show

Report on wind velocity, power outages, inches of rain and road closures
Reminds me Iím retired and am no longer subject to this kind of exposures

Checking out the house there are no leaks and no tree limbs have snapped
I wonder if the world would mind terribly if I turned off the radio and napped

Outside nature is dealing this part of the world a terrible storm
Inside not quite complacent we are all cozy and warm

I notice there are almost no birds in the sky
One old crow made a slow work of it as it struggled to fly

Later a small verio managed to go from tree to tree
Itís flight erratic like a butterfly, amazing to see

A book by the windowís light, there still being no electricity
A match to the stove, I put on a fresh pot of tea

Now to sit and sip and watch natureís fury
I am not going anywhere, I am in no hurry

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