art I dream vivid dreams.
They don't always make sense but often I talk with people
I have not seen in many years. Sometimes the comments seem very
real and the discussions become of interest to me. Then again
usually the dreams are just dim memories in the morning.
Some dreams are so pleasurable I want to return the next night.
Of course it is unpredictable, but one can dream.

Music: The Old Rambler

Tomorrow Night’s Dream

You are often in my dreams
It seems
Why, I do not know
But you are there and then you go
The details are usually gone
Before the first light of dawn
In one you spoke to me with a beautiful smile
You said you could only stay a little while
In another, we were fishing by the side of a lake
For a picnic, you brought two slices of a cake
You said you’d rather not put a worm on a hook
And produced from your bag, a small brown book
The title was “Poems to be Finished by a Soul Mate”
You said it was a handy device to take on a date
We did not get much fishing done
But we did have a lot of simple fun
One poem read
“If a rose is a rose is a rose, what is a daisy?”
To this you said
You could care less because you were too lazy
We laughed at that several times
Chuckling at the humor of accidental rhymes
We moved to a cool spot by a nearby stream
And that was the end of that dream
Eating the same food as the night before
I went to bed expecting more
I concocted this rather detailed scheme
To produce tonight and tomorrow night’s dream

Philip A. Terry
Copyright 1/5/2012

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