art The town of Wicklow wraps around a small harbor, which is the home to an active fishing fleet. The day we were there we walked along the quay admiring the colorful boats and the crab crates. Just above the quay a street runs parallel and is full of delightful shops. Hungry after a long day of walking around, we requested a window table and were pleased with the food, the service and the view. Later I got my hair cut across the street for only 5 Euros. When I sat down there were several ahead of me, but barber was very fast. I was reading a magazine article and barely finished one page before the barber said, “your next.”
A haircut was essential because with my white flowing hair, a few minutes in the breeze made me look like a mad scientist. I sat down and said "Just a trim, please."
The barber laughed and said, "I guess you didn't notice but I only do the buzz cut."
I sucked it up and said, "Go ahead then." When I came out my wife saw me and actually screamed. In a nearby shop men’s shirts were on sale for 5 Euros and since I had forgotten to pack any I was interested. The only shirt that fit for that price was bright orange, the color of the north. When I re-entered the street I seemed to get a new level of respect as the people parted, stood aside and let me walk through. My wife said it was because with my shaved head and orange shirt I looked like hoodlum fresh out of the goal or jail. By the way, Wicklow has a Goal as a tourist attraction. The beaches to the south, nearby Glendalough as well as Avoca, home of 'Ballykissangel', make the area an interesting place to visit.

Music: The Old Rambler

Wicklow Bridge

Eating pizza at an Italian restaurant and looking out the window
Across the river and above the bridge you could see houses of a row
There was evidence that the river rose and fell with the tidal flow
Very near were the fisherman's boats in the harbor of Wicklow

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