art Winter's Sleep is an observation of nature's changes that occur in winter and the desire that comes over me to rest and enjoy the quiet passage of time. I wonder sometimes just how far removed humans are from a hibernating animal. I know I certainly like to get cozy, read a book, paint or even write a poem.

Music: The Frost Is All Over

Winterís Sleep

A white crowned sparrow visited the bird feeder today
This is a sure sign that winter is on its way

To the north and on the mountains the nights are getting cold
I notice the leaves are turning and the bushes look tired and old

The leaves are turning yellow, orange and a few bright red
Night comes quickly now and my body yearns for its bed

I will linger in restless sleep and dream my favorite dreams
They are as clear as the first time I dreamt them or so it seems

I see colors and many people I have known
They talk to me and the seeds of conversation are sown

These are incomplete conversations that never seem to end
I stir, wake, roll over and try to go to sleep again - my friend

For even lingering a restful winterís sleep
Is of the long hours dark and deep

And you my friend sleep long and well
In the morning I will have dreams of which to tell

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