art Working Together is a reflection of all the projects we have tackled together. We remodeled our bathrooms, our kitchen, rebuilt our decks, changed out the windows to double pane, added a second story and did all the finish work ourselves, refinished the floors and added stone tile with under floor heating which is when this poem was conceived. Landscape efforts have been a special pleasure but it is an unending effort since each year something needs work. We have grafted trees, planted and harvested grapes which we turned to wine and raised vegetables of which the tomatoes and spaghetti squash were among our favorites. I made pies from our apple tree. We have about two dozen fruit trees including apples, mulberries, fig and various citrus trees. We have an avocado but it doesn't bare fruit. We have frozen up to 16 gallons of tomatoes for use in sauces and soups and just to drink. The two hot houses we built are very productive. Too bad we don't have more land because I think I am really a farmer at heart.

Working Together

She opened her eyes to the morning light
She slept soundly throughout the night
Now her eyes were opened wide
Just like when she was a brand new bride

When we are working together
We seem to get better and better
Our efforts look good we decide
We make the claim with a bit of pride

She has me working as a tile setter
Iíve got her working as my go getter
She has me working like a slave
But at night I get to be her knave


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