art Van Damm State Park, Little River, CA
Mendocino Meadow was inspired by a very pleasant meadow in the Van Damm State Park near the quaint coastal town of Mendocino basked in a sun-lit cloud-laced day in October 1994. These trees are gone now. They were Red Alder but they were blown down in a storm. The visitorís center had this painting hanging on the wall while my sister Patty worked there. She has gone on to other things now and she took the painting with her. She left behind a childrenís coloring book which she designed and drew, as a fund raiser for the Van Damm State park. On a recent visit I bought all that were available but alas they would only print more. She was also instrumental in establishing the annual abalone cook-off. It is a delicious time if you have not experienced the annual cook-off.

Music: Dreams of Alwyn
(Isle of Innisfree)

Mendocino Meadow

Near a town where people often go
To dive for abalone
There's a park with a soft green meadow
Where you could sit with me

In the shade, our blanket spread
Our lunch made, of wine and bread
We share the warmth and glow
of that Mendocino meadow.

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